About Us

About Rheabrio

In 2013, Louise Bernard, an accomplished businesswoman and industrial designer, received a diagnosis that would change her life forever: sleep apnea. Thankfully, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has helped her improve her health, get her energy back, and minimize the risks associated with her condition. That said, the discomfort from wearing a CPAP mask was a major challenge for her. Some people see challenge as an obstacle. Louise saw it as the motivation she needed to design her own comfort solution that would help her adhere to her therapy more easily. 

As the months went on, the painstaking work of designing her solution slowly led Louise to realize what had motivated her to become an industrial designer in the first place: to use her skills and resourcefulness to improve people’s lives. She knew what she needed to do next. Building a business would allow her to continue developing her solution so that she could share it with as many people as possible who, like her, where dealing with discomfort. The Facembrace, as the comfort solution was called, became the first product line manufactured and sold by Rheabrio, the company Louise founded in 2014 with this goal in mind.

Revolutionizing Well-Being Every Single Day

The Facembrace has been well received by industry experts, professionals working with patients, and patients themselves. This has allowed Louise and all of Rheabrio’s employees to focus on fulfilling the company’s primary mission: to improve everyday well-being by offering simple, innovative, and effective solutions that correspond perfectly with people’s needs.

Values-Driven Work and Customer Relations

As an experienced entrepreneur and manager, Louise knows that the feedback loop she has put in place, along with listening to users and industry experts, are essential to continuous product improvement and ensuring Rheabrio’s future development. She and her team also know that by working synergistically, they can meet their goals while surpassing their individual limits. The entire Rheabrio staff is motivated by a firm belief that keeps them raising the bar: “Our customers are why we’re here, and nothing is more important than their trust in us.”

For more information about Rheabrio, visit our website: Rheabrio.com