How to Put on and Take off
Your Facembrace® Protective Mask

How to Put on Your Protective Mask

  • Wash your hands carefully and take off your glasses, if you wear them.

  • Take your Facembrace protective mask out of the packaging by holding the elastic bands.

  • Unfold the mask and round the cushioned nasal part with your fingers (Fig. 4). The fold should not remain sharp (Fig. 5).

  • Put the mask on your face to cover your nose and chin (Fig. 1). Leave a space about the size of a finger between the mask and the underside of the chin for ventilation. The mask should be placed flat, halfway up on your nose (Fig. 4).

  • Connect the elastic bands behind your head with the hook provided (Fig. 2). Find the best fit with one of the three attachment points on the hook (Fig. 3).

  • If necessary, adjust the position of the protective mask on your face by holding its sides.

Whenever you are using your protective mask, avoid touching the outside of the mask with your hands, as it may be contaminated.

How to Take Off Your Protective Mask

  • Take off your Facembrace protective mask by unhooking the elastic bands. Do not touch the front of the mask with your hands.

  • Place the mask it in a sealed temporary container until it will be washed.

  • Wash your hands carefully after handling the mask.